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Addie Holzmann and Hayley Kava

Addie Holzmann and Hayley Kava are two pelvic floor physical therapists, friends, moms, and occasional hot messes here to have candid, uncensored conversations about all things pelvic health. read less
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Talk Yourself UP!
Talk Yourself UP!
We're BACK! In this Episode we are working on getting more comfortable talking ourselves and all the great things we do up!    We encourage you to do the same and let us know what epic stuff you're up to!    We're calling this Season 2- Why? Who knows.. but We've got a new schedule and a renewed sense of the pod going forward.  We want to make sure that NO PERSON feels alone when dealing with pelvic floor problems of ANY kind.    If you want to spread this message and share the BUSHY LOVE we would be so appreciative!  LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!    NEW EPISODES THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH   Also check out our offerings and social channels below We want to offer some EXCLUSIVE Discount codes to our loyal fans!  THE DON'T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH PODCAST SEXUAL POSITION GUIDE  Discount Code: BUSHIE15 for 15% off    TO BIRTH AND BACK  Discount Code: BUSHIE15 for 15% off  ENJOY! FOLLOW THE POD Dont Beat Around the Bush Podcast Facebook Don't Beat Around the Bush Instagram FOLLOW US  Addie's Instagram Neume Physio Facebook Hayley's Instagram   Needed Affiliate Link   Shop Our Favorite Pelvic Floor "Things"  Amazon Storefront This podcast participates in the Amazon Associates Program and links in the show notes redirect to As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases.         Music by Blockhead on Soundcloud @blockhead1