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Mike Calta talks to some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, comedy and more! List to the past interviews here. read less

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The Mike Calta Show Interviews podcast plays conversations from 102.5 The Bone's morning show in Tampa Bay, Florida. The radio show's original title was The Cowhead Show. Host Mike Calta used the nickname "Cowhead." He changed the show's title in 2014 to reflect his actual name. Cohosts include Joe DiSanto, Sandy Carmin, Gregory Galvin, and Anthony Polichemi ("Spanish"). They interview an impressive array of guests.

Music fans will hear from big names like Ted Nugent and Ice Cube. Comedians Bert Kreischer, Bill Bellamy, and Sebastian Maniscalco also join to amuse listeners. Movie lovers might appreciate guests like Quentin Tarantino and William Shatner. Calta has entertained Tampa Bay for two decades. With this podcast, listeners everywhere can enjoy his witty demeanor.

Comedian Tom Segura is a guest on several episodes of The Mike Calta Show Interviews podcast. Calta makes sure to thank him for coming and being generous to their radio station. He knows Segura doesn't need to do radio shows for self-promotion.

In one story, Segura arrives at an airport and notices a purse under the tire of his car. A baggage worker offers to take it. Segura senses that the worker wants the purse's contents. He keeps the purse and posts a photo of it and the owner Patricia's ID on social media. The baggage worker follows him, hoping to split the contents. Fake "Patricias" approach Segura. Listeners learn what happens and why it might involve new fashion and photos for Segura.

Actor, host, and comedian Chris Hardwick also joins The Mike Calta Show Interviews podcast. He discusses the origination of his show, Up for Auction. Hardwick collects comedy film props, including Rick Morani's Spaceballs helmet. His wife collects horror movie props. She owns gremlins from Gremlins. Hardwick asked a Los Angeles auction house if they'd like to make a show. It was great timing. The largest Disney collection was going to auction. The hosts and Hardwick discuss the signs to stop accumulating collectibles. Calta jokes that he collects lots of trash. Like most of Calta's interviews, this one offers big laughs and fun facts about famous guests.

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