Boston Public Radio Podcast

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Join hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan for a smart local conversation with leaders and thinkers shaping Boston and New England. We feature our favorite conversation from each show. To hear the full show, please visit To share your opinion, email or call or text 877-301-8970 during the live broadcast from 11AM-2PM Monday through Friday.

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Our Editor's Take

Boston Public Radio Podcast is the podcast version of the GBH News radio program. For folks unfamiliar with the radio show, this is a news program about Boston, the US, and beyond. Margery Eagan and Jim Braude are the hosts.

This public radio podcast offers news from a variety of perspectives. Business commentator Shirley Leung talks about the Boston business community. Expert E. J. Dionne provides updates on current affairs in Congress. The hosts interview celebrities to find out about their current projects.

The podcast also features local artists who do exciting work. In one episode, Jim and Margery talk to Karen Tran of Tiny Felted Joy. Karen makes tiny needle-felted animals and hides them around Boston to bring joy into people's lives. The hosts watch her work and try to describe the process.

Margery and Jim are funny and knowledgeable. They have a pleasant banter, but they keep each other on topic. Every show starts with a discussion about current events, not chit-chat. Margery and Jim ask folks to call and share their plans for an upcoming holiday weekend. After an important game, they ask how fans feel about a local team's win or loss.

The Boston Public Radio Podcast celebrates sports, art, and culture. Margery and Jim also talk about popular TV shows and their impact. An excellent regular feature of the show is "Live Music Friday." Every week, a different local band or artist plays music on the podcast.

Episodes are 45-100 minutes long and air every weekday.

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