Lifecare Affordability Planning

Tom West and Arvette Reid

In the 20 plus years of helping people plan for the cost of retirement and long-term healthcare, we’ve identified one consistent theme among families and caregivers: people don’t like to talk about money. We’ve learned that families often feel they cannot afford the type of care they are most hopeful for. So, sometimes they procrastinate. They don’t ask for help. They fail to get the assistance they need to better their situation. Lifecare Affordability Planning helps families who are facing long-term health issues and increasing health-related expenditures to make better informed financial decisions during a time when there are so many unanswered questions. In each episode, we explore the role money plays in people’s lives and how the “job” of the money changes. It’s time to face this topic head-on, address the emotional charge of discussing money, and discover practical ways to bridge the gap between a long-term healthcare plan and your ability to pay for it. read less