Ep. 9 UPFRONT’s Lauren Currie discusses running a purpose-led business and the ”trick”

The Generative Work Podcast

02-12-2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

Sarah interviews the Founder and CEO of UPFRONT, Lauren Currie. Lauren gets honest about becoming a million pound business (and how scary sharing that information with the world was), why she calls her coaching groups, ‘bonds’ and her hopes for the futures of our boys and girls.

It is such a delightful chat, we could have quoted the entire episode.

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"Your Good Girl's Gone Bad"

Tammy Wynette

I've never seen the inside of a bar room Or listened to a jukebox all night long But I see these are the things that bring you pleasure So I'm gonna make some changes in our home I've heard it said if you can't beat'em join'em So if that's the way you've wanted me to be I'll change if it takes that to make you happy From now on you're gonna see a different me Because your good girl's gonna go bad I'm gonna be the swingin'est swinger you've ever had If you like 'em painted up powdered up then you ought to be glad Cause your good girl's gonna go bad...