Nate Kennedy - From Bankrupt At 27 To Millionaire

Life On The Rocks

01-03-2022 • 24 mins

Imagine waking up tomorrow and realizing you lost everything. What’d be the first step you take to get yourself out of rock bottom?

When life slaps you in the face, there’s two things you can do: cower or take the punches.

Successful people don’t stay down- they get right back up.

How you respond to tough situations is what defines whether you succeed or fall back into the pit. That goes for every kind of adversity you’ll go through.

In this episode, Kyle interviews Nate Kennedy, serial entrepreneur who shares how you can thrive through any adversity, even if you have to restart from zero.

Listen now to discover how you can build the resilience, determination and confidence to handle whatever life throws your way.

Show highlights include:

  • Why believing you’re successful can end your career and make you lose everything (04:53)
  • How living in a condo with rats and being dead broke can motivate you to turn your life around (07:22)
  • How going in the ‘wrong direction’ can lead to your next break through in life (and why being complacent is actually wasting your potential) (11:19)
  • The “roll with the punches“ attitude that can help you in any situation life throws at you (even if the FBI shows up at your door) (13:12)