Seth Poling - Strength Like No Other

Life On The Rocks

07-06-2022 • 34 mins

Many people complain about life's little things such as the weather, their job, or the lack of money. Simply put, they're frustrated.

If you have a rare, debilitating, and deadly disease you've probably earned the right to complain. But by crushing your life's hurdles with positivity, determination, and sheer strength, you can become an influential person despite any deficiencies.

Today's guest, ALS inspirational leader Seth Polling, discovered that humility, gratitude, and perseverance are the keystones to real strength and handling frustration. He shares how you can use your inner strength to defeat your own demons.

Listen now and by the end of the episode, you'll be acknowledging your own frustrations and motivating others!

Show Highlight Include:

  • How stretching every day lifts you mentally and emotionally to live your best life (6:46)
  • Why dealing with extreme difficult adversity prepares you to be a blessing for others (11:33)
  • The "Hard Times Next Step" mindset that lets you keep going until you achieve your goals (13:48)
  • Why leaving a legacy of pictures and videos of yourself for your family far outweighs any inheritance they may get (18:30)
  • How having a positive, upbeat personality during your burdensome times inspires others to push themselves (20:49)
  • Why learning humility, gratitude, and perseverance sets you up for a life of love, support, and generosity (25:41)