Struggling single dad turned 6-figure entrepreneur with Stratton Brown

Life On The Rocks

12-07-2022 • 45 mins

Imagine this:

Your wife just left you. You’re now a single dad with a newborn. You have no money coming in. Your back is against the wall. And you have a vulnerable new life relying on you to provide. Yet, the future seems bleak.

What would you do in this situation?

Well, this is the situation that Stratton Brown found himself in. With stubborn resilience, he built a business many only dream of– while setting an example for his son about never giving up. He’s here to reveal how you can thrive, even in circumstances when most would crumble and create the life of your dreams.

Listen now, to build the unstoppable mindset you need to come back from any kind of adversity.

Show highlights include

  • The “Single Dad’s Blueprint” for rebounding from rock bottom and building a thriving business (12:20)
  • The weird way giving away 10% of your income catapults your earnings (even if you’re dead broke) (20:14)
  • How this free marketing strategy gets recognition to your brand much faster than paid ads (26:59)
  • Why building a business sets a good example for your son and teaches him to never give up on his dreams (40:33)