Kevin Marron - Alcoholic and Bankrupt to Successful and Happy

Life On The Rocks

08-03-2022 • 54 mins

Imagine losing everything you had. Divorce, addiction and being homeless would crush most people.

But what if you could transform your traumas into an inspiring breakthrough story instead?

Our guest Kevin Marron faced bankruptcy in 2008. He slowly built his business back from zero, all while sleeping on his brother’s couch, working as an employee 9 to 5 and binge drinking over 16 beers a night.

Listen now to discover what it takes to bounce back from rock bottom, face your demons and redefine success on your own terms.

You’ll leave this episode inspired to take action towards your dreams RIGHT NOW.

Show highlights include:

  • The "quit your job in your head" approach to building a multi-million dollar business (without sacrificing your job) 24:41
  • Why you’ll make more money focusing on one business idea (even if you have many) 26:01
  • The “complete mess” success blueprint that’ll help you build a business (even if you’re going through divorve, struggling with addiction and homeless) 30:45
  • The “legacy” approach to making money that can help you redefine success and make you a better person 36:54
  • Why there’s no shortcut to success ( and the harsh truth about how you can hit your income goals faster) 40:46
  • An obvious, yet overlooked skill for standing out from the crowd and achieving success in anything you set your mind to 44:25
  • How to make a boatload of money by not caring about money 47:44