Andrew McDannels- Near Death And Bed Ridden From Stress

Life On The Rocks

29-03-2022 • 39 mins

You must have heard the phrase “hard work betrays none “. But is that always true?

We often feel like we should be working more, doing more and saying yes to all the things.

But when you try to do it all, you feel like you’re pulled in a thousand directions. You’re left with no room to breathe.

Our guest Andrew suddenly collapsed while running in the gym and became bed-ridden for years as a result of chronic stress. Thanks to his incredible courage, he came back from rock bottom. Now he’s all about helping entrepreneurs build stress free businesses.

Listen now to discover what you can do right now to optimize the most powerful asset you have: your body.

Show Highlights Include

  • Simple advice to help you reduce work-related stress, make less mistakes and enjoy work more (17:31)
  • How to incorporate the oxygen therapy used by basketball and football players in your life to prevent diseases (20:57)
  • Why your body is the best technology you’ll ever have and how you can optimize for even better performance (30:27)
  • A powerful mindset shift that changes your perspective on mistakes and sets you free from limiting beliefs (34:22)