Changing Lightbulbs to Sparking Lightbulb Moments with Jonathan Rivera

Life On The Rocks

22-02-2022 • 25 mins

If you grew up in a blue collar family, you’ll be familiar with the common advice “get a trade, then at least you’ll have something to “fall back” on”.

It’s not bad advice… if you want to live a “safe” life. But what if you feel destined for more?

Our guest Jonathan Rivera also felt destined for more. His teachers told him “you will amount to nothing”. Now he runs a successful online business, writes $50,000 checks in real estate and aims to inspire millions of people to better their lives.

You’ll leave this episode feeling inspired and ready to take on any challenge. You’ll also discover what it takes to withstand the “rock bottom” of entrepreneurship and reach the top, no matter what luck throws your way.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • How to turn the old guy at work into a fortune teller who predicts your life satisfaction with astonishing accuracy (2:09)
  • The “Pigeonhole Prison” that holds you back from your dreams (3:50)
  • How a tragic death opens the path to freedom (5:03)
  • The “complete idiot” success blueprint (9:06)
  • How you can move past any mental roadblock by practicing three steps (10:53)
  • How to fight the “you can’t do it” voice in your head (even if everything came crumbling down) (13:38)
  • How joining a mastermind could “accidentally” turn your hobby into a booming business (18:07)
  • The only way to guarantee that you always bring in money (and never have to resort back to a job) (21:01)