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Welcome to "The Move Eat Love Podcast" by JanesMovement. In this podcast, we're dedicated to exploring the essential aspects of movement, nutrition, and comprehensive body care. Our mission? To empower you to build a strong, healthy, and joyous life. we go beyond merely providing resources; we're committed to cultivating a global wellness community. Here, every episode is an opportunity for you to become a stronger, healthier, and happier version of yourself. We focus on the interconnectedness of your well-being, guiding you through the pathways that affect your overall health. read less
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Ep 35: Fitness for December
Ep 35: Fitness for December
Are you tempted by the holiday treats but worried about overindulgence? I brings you a refreshing take on mindful eating that lets you savor the season's flavors without the guilt. But that's not all – this episode is packed with unique ideas to keep you moving and grooving through December's chill. Think dancing to holiday tunes, enjoying playful snowball fights, and more! Feeling the holiday stress? I got your back with quick and effective mindfulness exercises to keep you centred. Plus, I dive into the power of community and connection, showing you how to blend wellness goals with seasonal festivities. And as the New Year approaches, get inspired to set compassionate, realistic goals This isn't just a podcast; it's your companion through the holiday season, ensuring you stay on track with your wellness journey while fully embracing the joy of December. Tune in for a dose of motivation, laughter, and real talk with Jane. Let's make this holiday season the healthiest and happiest yet!" .Resources & Links: • Fatloss Skill Building ….Free Guide  • Move Eat Love • Unpacking Nutrition • Free Eating Journal - FREE GUIDE Connect with Janesmovement • Follow on Instagram @Janesmovement  • Join my email list • Check out my website –help to support this podcast at no additional cost to you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you never miss an episode! --- Send in a voice message: