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The podcast for fans of Formula 1, Formula E, Sportscars, Touring Cars and Rally. The Autosport Podcast is the official podcast of Autosport, the world’s leading authority on motorsport. To grab our huge discount off your NordVPN plan - go to to - our code will also give you 4 additional months for free on the 2-year plan. There's no risk with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! read less

Our Editor's Take

The Autosport F1 & Motorsport podcast is an expert's guide to all aspects of motorsport. Listeners can expect detailed commentary on everything from Formula 1 and Formula E to touring cars and sports cars. Hosts come together from the racing publication Autosport. These include F1 host Ariana Bravo and Grand Prix editor Alex Kalinauckas. Autosport's Martyn Lee also hosts some episodes.

Each podcast episode starts with the latest news and a summary of what's to come. The Autosport F1 & Motorsport team reviews the latest races, from the Brazilian GP to the IndyCar Series. Together, the hosts analyze the circuits and the drivers predicted to win. Before each big weekend of racing, they share the top questions on their minds. What position is Aston Martin in ahead of the race? What does Ferrari need to do to come out on top? And why is Alpine looking so confident? They review and analyze every new race car in dedicated “Car Launch” episodes.

Autosport F1 & Motorsport also looks back at classic moments in motorsport. In the episode “American Muscle vs British Jaguars,” the podcast discusses how the Ford Galaxie surpassed the Jaguar in the 1960s.

This podcast also guarantees expert analysis with insights from the Autosport newsroom. In one highlight episode, former Red Bull performance engineer Blake Hinsey joins. Blake started as a track engineer before moving into content creation. He rates each of the top teams. He reviews lap times and highlights the importance of data in pre-season tests.

Questions and suggestions from the motorsport community also inspire the conversation. Based on listener feedback, one episode shares what it's like for the Autosport team to do their jobs. Alex provides a personal travel diary as he reports on F1 testing at the Bahrain GP. Other team members describe how they provide F1 coverage for both print and screen.

The Autosport F1 & Motorsport podcast is informative and entertaining. Passionate industry experts bring excitement and energy to the ears of each listener. It's a fun series for all motorsport fans and is an excellent guide for anyone new to the sport.

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