Kick Out (2.99) #42 - NOAH Destiny Review with Jason of Happy Wrestling Land

Kick Out (2.99)

13-08-2023 • 3 hrs 39 mins

Jason of Happy Wrestling Land is back with us to review and discuss one of Pro Wrestling NOAH's most storied events of its past: Noah Destiny from July 18, 2005 at the Tokyo Dome. Destiny features arguably some of the greatest matches of all time, many of that era of NOAH's most exciting stories going into and leaving the Dome, and familiar faces that old and new fans will recognize. Please join us for this very special episode as we go match by match and discuss the highlights, story beats, and quotes and excerpts from 18 Shu Pro and Weekly Gong articles from Alicia's collection translated by Rachel.

Follow Jason on twitter @1053ridge. You can read his wrestling reviews at Happy Wrestling Land.

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