How Can This Happen by Betsey Bell

Betsey Bell

How can this happen?

How can this happen is a podcast designed to take you on an episodic journey through true stories. We want you to consider all possible explanations and scenarios, to then eliminate all those that don't seem feasible. We will provide advice from experts and colleagues in the field to provide perspective and clarity.You will have an opportunity to give feedback as a viewer, listener, and we will share your feedback with the audience. How you perceive our stories is very important to us.I embarked on this journey to provide a point of view, not an opinion, based on what actually took place. There are various explanations to any scenario, but there are some that are just not possible.I am a student of news from my career in advertising. I wanted to give advertising clients a way to present their product in a clear and concise light that would explain the purpose of their product, without using pride or prejudice. I then became fascinated with the telling of news stories and the fact that so many of them gloss over what really happened; thus came the idea for how can this happen.The purpose of how can this happen is to give you the option of the explanation and to explore with us how it might affect your life.

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