At His Table

Sasha Gerry with The Stewards' Trust

Welcome to At His Table! I, Sasha Gerry, invite you to join me and my guests at a table where every topic is welcome into conversation. Do you struggle with shame? Need freedom from sin? Unsure how to have godly relationships? Listen to our honest stories of where we once were and how Jesus has given us freedom in all areas of life! My prayer is that you come away knowing firstly you are loved and not alone, but that there is always freedom where there is Jesus!

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Healing in the Inner World - with Chantal, Sarah and Sasha
3d ago
Healing in the Inner World - with Chantal, Sarah and Sasha
This podcast contains reference to demonic powers as well as drug and alcohol abuse.  If these are sensitive issues for you, please consider listening with a trusted friend and seek advice and support to help you walk towards the freedom and life that this podcast is all about. Join me as I speak with two phenomenal women, Chantal and Sarah. They share their inspirational stories of freedom in the inner world, within their souls! They unpack how Jesus transformed their lives and met with them in what felt like to be the most unlikely places! My prayer is by listening to their testimonies and tool kits, you too can step into a place of healing and freedom within your soul! Books to help your process: Saved Healed Delivered ⁠ ⁠ Spiritual Intelligence ⁠ ⁠ Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess Switch On Your Brain