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Mastering The Game

Jermaine Harris

Welcome to the Mastering The Game podcast, the podcast for gamers and gaming enthusiasts alike. Join our host, Jermaine Harris, on an adventure as we dive into ever-evolving world of video games.

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41: Revisiting Civilization 5 In 2024
41: Revisiting Civilization 5 In 2024
In this episode, Jermaine Harris, the host of “Mastering the Game” podcast, shares his rekindled passion for the game Civilization 5. Despite a hiatus from the game, Jermaine confesses to spending extended hours immersed in the world of Civilization once again. His renewed interest in the game prompts an exploration of various in-game elements and strategies, marking a significant shift in his gameplay approach.Key Discussion Points:Rekindled Passion: Jermaine reveals his recent return to Civilization 5 after a hiatus and his deep enjoyment of the immersive gameplay experience.Diverse Character Usage: Initially favoring Darius, Jermaine has broadened his gameplay experience by utilizing different characters to achieve more steam achievements, enriching his overall gaming experience.Comparison with Civilization 6: Despite owning Civilization 6, Jermaine finds himself drawn back to Civilization 5 due to the unique appeal and enjoyment it offers.Strategic Approach: Jermaine emphasizes his consistent approach to the game, focusing on aspects such as building world wonders, nurturing culture and science, and strategically developing his military forces. He highlights the significance of naval units for city attacks, showcasing a well-rounded understanding of in-game tactics.Stress Relief: Jermaine passionately expresses his love for playing Civilization as a powerful stress reliever, illustrating the game’s therapeutic impact on his life.Conclusion: Jermaine’s engaging discussion not only reveals his personal journey with Civilization 5 but also delves into the diverse strategies and experiences that the game offers. His return to the game and his exploratory approach to gameplay elements serves as an inspiring tale for fellow gamers and Civilization enthusiasts.Stay tuned for more captivating insights into the world of gaming and the art of mastering games in the next episode of “Mastering the Game.” Hosted on Acast. See for more information.