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Keep Current, Keep Coding with RoguePlanetoid podcast where each episode you can find insights for developers, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional using Microsoft and related platforms, along with related technology and so much more! read less
Spotify for Developers
Spotify for Developers
Spotify for Developers allows developers to create applications using Spotify's 100 million songs, 5 million podcasts and more. Learn what features are available along with an SDK for .NET developers and more about Spotify for Developers. Show Website - Twitter - YouTube - Promo Spotify for Podcasters - Links Blazorfy - Article - Spotify - Spotify for Developers - Web API - Spotify for Developers Dashboard - Ads API - Spotify Ad Studio - Web Playback SDK - Android SDK - iOS SDK - Embeds - Commercial Hardware - Design Guidelines - Accessibility Guidelines - Spotify for Developers Community - Spotify.NetStandard NuGet - Spotify.NetStandard Source Code - Credits RoguePlanetoid Podcast is a production of Hosted, Written, Produced and Edited by Peter Bull Music based on Like a Tiger by Jo Wandrini Production Company Name by Granny Robertson