S4 E6: Delivering a New Perspective – Family Medicine Maternity Care and Perinatal Addictions with Dr. David Mongar

MEDamorphosis Podcast

25-04-2023 • 50 mins

As part of our Career Options in Family Medicine series, we sit down with Dr. David Mongar, a family physician based in Burnaby, BC who specializes in Maternity Care, Addiction Medicine, and a blend of the two - Perinatal Addiction Medicine. Join us as we explore Dr. Mongar's journey from being inspired in a medical school Obstetrics session to practicing full-fledged Maternity Care, meconium stains and all. Dr. Mongar talks about his involvement in the Sheway Pregnancy Outreach Program in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver helping pregnant patients navigate and overcome addiction, as well as his experiences practicing rural medicine in Yellowknife, BC. He provides a wealth of advice for students interested in crafting their own unique career in Maternity Care as well as Family Medicine in general, and explores the different options available. With this episode, as with our larger series, we hope to inform and inspire medical students with the flexibility that a career in Family Medicine provides.

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Guest: Dr. David Mongar

Hosted and Edited by: Igor Mihajlovic

Music: Dr. Ian Downie

(C) 2023 UBC Medicine Learning Network

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