Episode 145 Breastfeeding Contributes to the Long Game of Parenting with the ON BOYS Podcast Hosts

The Milk Making Minutes

18-09-2023 • 52 mins

Do you ever wonder if all the thought and attention you are putting into decisions regarding feeding your baby, sleep and discipline is doing anything? Is it adding up to positive outcomes for your family and your children in the long run? Jennifer Fink and Janet Allison discuss their baby feeding experiences from years ago, and how that connects to the way the parent their mostly adult children now.
On this episode you will hear:
  • Stories of breastfeeding from both Jennifer and Janet ranging from 17-30+ years ago
  • The cultural impacts of breastfeeding around family members who did always know how to help
  • How breastfeeding helped them learn how to parent
  • The understanding that although breastfeeding feels important, growing older and dealing with many other problems gives a broader perspective to many parenting challenges

You can hear my Episode of the On Boys Podcast called Boys, Babies and Breastfeeding here.

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