Dave's 5 Hot Takes

Dave Barnes

Five Hot Takes is a new, fun, and educational music podcast brought to you by American Songwriter Magazine and GRAMMY nominated singer/songwriter, and podcaster Dave Barnes. Follow along each episode as Dave host’s a multitude of different artists/entertainers across all genres of music for a fresh perspective on their, Five Hot Takes! read less

Our Editor's Take

Every once in a while, a wild hot opinion, or take," appears in the culture. On this podcast, Dave Barnes delivers at least five of them for his devoted fans. Dave’s 5 Hot Takes gives listeners trivia and opinions on his favorite pop and rock music. It does so with enthusiastic charm and humor.

Barnes is a charismatic personality. He is a born performer who records podcast episodes with constant quips and jokes. A singer-songwriter from Nashville, Barnes has recorded several albums and performed his music on tours. His concerts have gained a reputation for Barnes’ hilarious antics and impressions. Barnes is more than a comedian. He’s a talented artist with a gift for songwriting. In 2012, Barnes’ song “God Gave Me You” was nominated for the CMA Awards’ Song of the Year and the Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

On Dave’s 5 Hot Takes, Barnes uses his comedic and musical talents to craft a compelling podcast. His five hot takes in each episode almost always revolve around famous music artists. Barnes introduces some of his favorite songs and shares why he loves them. He comments on drum parts, guitar riffs, and how artists wrote and performed their songs.

Besides Barnes’ fans, musicians may benefit most from Dave’s 5 Hot Takes. Barnes explores music theory, including composition, interesting chords, and key changes. These explanations can give songwriters tips and ideas about how to write songs. Barnes has a clear understanding of the power of music. He communicates that power well, often sharing how certain elements make listeners feel.

Barnes invites award-winning artists to Dave’s 5 Hot Takes. He speaks with Drew Holcomb from Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. He welcomes fellow singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin. Barnes hosts another show, Dadville, with McLaughlin. Other guests include guitarist Cory Wong and pop artist and producer Ben Rector. Each guest offers their own five hot takes on the podcast.

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