Too Sexy For Most

Alex Nanna

My name is Alex and I play as my favorite hero Tatiana Sweet to win 5 million dollar to give to her. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games. [18+/CCBY] read less
001 First Woman starring Tatiana Sweet
001 First Woman starring Tatiana Sweet
I talk about all the limiting ways in which social media platforms like TikTok has you get nowhere ever. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games.  00:00 - The Law of Attraction is the human drive being attracked to tits, toys and noise but tits first. On TikTok you can not search for boobs  20:24 - I came to Colombia because I follow the motor of the law of attraction. Going up the hill has me become stronger and I follow my heart and my mind is playing catch-up  38:00 - Life is like a game because we are always playing with the tits, toys and noise. The path of Enlightement leads you to nothingness  49:00 - My feet being dirty brought me to want to clean them with water. My mind being dirty (always) brought me to some nice tits on the hill  55:00 - My mind tells me that I conquered the mountain but my heart brought me where I wanted to be. Artificial Intelligence will always be too slow. Is this some kind of bust, Alex?  01:04:00 - By following your heart you will get the riches and the bitches. When I was still depressed I no longer saw (in my mind) where I could go. Love brought me to Colombia  01:16:00 - Some of our stories seem to be slowing down our human drive or go nowhere and they could be left behind in the past. Everybody is a scanner (darkly) 01:30:00 - Why the fuck would Tatiana Sweet be in a metaverse where the things that she likes are considered to be problematic? She left Facebook in 2014  01:45:00 - I follow my heart into the future because our minds often lead us nowhere