Sorrel Roberts (breathing)

The Coach's Backpack

25-01-2022 • 25 mins

This week, Sorrel Roberts, a personal and professional development coach, tells us: How breathing is a unifying factor of religions How to turn off your inner chat Why your experiences are based on predictions How some people slow down time to predict the future Why Sorrel gets cross about the idea of the lizard-chimp-human brain ... and much more. Find out more about Sorrel at https://sorrelroberts.com/ (sorrelroberts.com) and https://sorrelroberts.com/product/breath-for-coaches-workshop-series-may/ (book a place on her upcoming 'Breath for coaches' workshop). Want more?https://www.subscribepage.com/thecoachsbackpack (Subscribe to our mailing list) for advance notice of upcoming episodes, free goodies, special editions (and out-takes!) and much more. Check out previous episodes at https://www.thecoachsbackpack.com/ (thecoachsbackpack.com) More about SorrelA professionally and academically accredited coach, passionate about harnessing the benefits of coaching to assist organisations and individuals in realising their potential. Sorrel brings to her work: experience within national and international organisations and extended experience of coaching and personal development. When she isn’t coaching Sorrel can be found learning new life lessons from her daughters.