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Hi, I’m Phil Pelucha, best-known for Podcasting, TV, Entrepreneur Wealth Creation & 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐆𝐈𝐂 𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐒 ‘learn why’👇 - I build global empires from home and rarely put on pants. 👖 - Ranked as the number 1 Podcast Publicist for businesses. 🏆 - Often referred to as the ‘Sir Richard Branson’ of Podcasting & New Media. - TV Host & Producer. ⭐ - Top 100 Podcaster. 🎤 - Reaching an audience of over HALF A MILLION listeners and over ONE MILLION. 10 000ft overview of me and the business: I have been podcasting for almost 14 years now, with over 10 000 hours of podcasting. I grew and sold two sports podcast networks. I then grew, scaled, and sold two professional services agencies using podcasting. About six years ago, I was constantly being asked: -how did I meet that person, -how did I win that client, -how did I get that TV series, or -how did I become the partner for that professional body, I got so sick of saying, “I met them on a podcast,” that I just started teaching others how to do it. They began to get some incredible results too. Fast forward to today, we’ve been doing it for six years, with a one hundred percent success record, and ranked number 1 in the world for it for the past three years, of which I am incredibly proud. These are three main areas of our business along with three main reasons that people work with us. -We own a business broadcast network. We produce 250-300 hours of business television content across 15 different satellite tv networks each month. -Next is probably my most enjoyable, is working with coaches, micro-businesses, and solopreneurs mainly focused on sales and authority through podcasting and new media. They feel like their industry’s best-kept secret, and this takes them from unknown to unrivaled and helps them win clients to get off that cash flow rollercoaster. -The main bulk of our business is corporate investment and fundraising. We work with private companies currently in the process of generating funds to go public. We use podcasting and new media to help those businesses increase their corporate sales for their sales team, gain more authority and increase their fundraising and investment level. These are the three things people work with us for: -Fundraising and investment -Sales -Authority It works so well because the power of podcasting is not in the audience; the audience is an incredible by-product. The power of podcasting is a VIP backstage networking pass to talk to anybody you want to in your industry and teach a proven formula to convert. Ask about The BiB Emerging Wealth Creation Community. Check out our website for more details. BillionairesInBoxers (DOT) COM
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Freeing you from corporate bias
Freeing you from corporate biasFound in translation
52 mins
Four hours per week
Mentorship, good legal advice, and having a second source of income are vital for most people in today’s business world.  In today’s episode of the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast, our host Phil Pelucha chats to the Founder of the Freshstart Company, David Henning, who is a bestselling author and podcaster whose life has been dedicated to encouraging others.  David has a colorful background having worked in sales and for different radio stations throughout the United States.  David currently also works with a company called LegalShield which helps businesses and start-ups successfully deal with legal challenges which may arise. LegalShield is made up of legal practitioners who are knowledgeable and who have more than 22-years of experience in every aspect of the law. Active in the United States and Canada, LegalShield also offers the public an opportunity to earn a stable second income.  If you would like to benefit from David’s years of wisdom or potentially work with him, you can feel free to book a free 15-minute call with him via his website where the possibilities will be analyzed. Contact our Hosthttps://billionairesinboxers.biz/master-class-registrationwfmzdvl5 (Watch this FREE BiB Masterclass on how to make MONEY and grow your business, using podcasting. ) https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.biz/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/) Contact our Guesthttps://davehenningonline.com/ (https://davehenningonline.com/) - BOOK YOUR CALL dave@davidhenning.com http://davehenningcoaching.com/ (http://davehenningcoaching.com/) http://davidhenning.com/ (http://davidhenning.com/) https://twitter.com/DavidLHenning (https://twitter.com/DavidLHenning) https://www.linkedin.com/in/davehenning7?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_contact_details%3BCrddxIZbTHGnPXWSUOe5Eg%3D%3D (linkedin.com/in/davehenning7)
41 mins
Work-life balance is a myth
Contrary to the beliefs of many, you need to have a healthy personal and family life if you want to succeed in business. Entrepreneurs often do not realize the consequences that negative personal relations or “over-working” can have on their business operations. Life as a whole is not only about succeeding in business but also about succeeding in your personal life as the two are interlinked. In today’s episode of the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast, our host Phil Pelucha chats to strategy expert Judy Whalen. As a strategic growth consultant, Whalen works with businesses and non-profit leaders in areas such as strategy, market research, and communications. In addition to this, she works with individuals and families, helping them to achieve happiness in their personal lives which aids success in the workplace. Contact our Hosthttps://billionairesinboxers.biz/master-class-registrationwfmzdvl5 (Watch this FREE BiB Masterclass on how to make MONEY and grow your business, using podcasting. ) https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.biz/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/) Contact our Guesthttps://centerforstrategicchange.com/strengthentheharmonybundledoffer/ (https://centerforstrategicchange.com/strengthentheharmonybundledoffer/) judy@centerforstrategicchange.com https://facebook.com/centerforstrategicchange (https://facebook.com/centerforstrategicchange) https://www.linkedin.com/in/judywhalen/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/judywhalen/)
51 mins
From Bankrupt to Bank with Vera
37 mins
BiB Bitesized with Justin Cunningham - Check out his summitLois's Manifest & Monetize SummitTrusting your intuition as leaders of tomorrow
To enjoy work and find true purpose in life, entrepreneurs need to incorporate their own professional lives into their spiritual lives. Spirituality does not necessarily mean religion as everyone lives according to philosophical leanings. One way to grow in philosophical thought is to travel and learn about different worldviews as most have good teachings. In today’s episode of the Billionaires in Boxers Podcast, Phil Pelucha talks to Pure Entelechy’s Chief Entelechy Officer Kirsten Gooldy. Kirstin has not only managed over $500 million in transactions for various companies but also describes herself as a “trans-cultural shaman”, having studied different cultures around the world. Kirstin has over 25 years of experience leading Corporate Strategy, Finance, Capital Markets, and Compliance teams in public and private sectors having lead or managed over $500 million in financial transactions for various companies during her career. Prior to joining FTE Networks, Gooldy served as the Chief Financial Officer of Powerstorm ESS (OTC:PSTO). She also served as a Senior Vice President for a premier Specialty Finance/Investment Banking firm headquartered in Orange County. Contact our Hosthttps://billionairesinboxers.biz/master-class-registrationwfmzdvl5 (Watch this FREE BiB Masterclass on how to make MONEY and grow your business, using podcasting. ) https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.biz/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/) Contact our guesthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kirstingooldy/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirstingooldy/) http://www.pureentelechy.com/ (http://www.pureentelechy.com/) kirstin@pureentelechy.com
46 mins
Business Growth From The Inside Out
In today’s episode of the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast, Phil Pelucha talks to The Joy-Effect Transformation Expert Nancy Clairmont Carr who helps leaders to grow their business life and impact through conscious leadership, accelerated growth and empowered teams. When most people think about how they can improve their work output, they simply think “work harder” or blame external factors beyond their control such as a lousy boss or not getting enough support from team members. The truth is that you can transform yourself and triple your productivity levels by focusing on internal factors that you can control without changing massive parts of your business or work. Clairmont Carr transforms leaders to grow their business, life and impact through conscious leadership, accelerated growth and empowered teams. She helps access their authenticity, intuitive thinking and optimized energy which creates sustainable high performance. As the founder of The Joy-Effect, Clairmont Carr has developed transformation programs to increase consciousness, personal joy, abundance and freedom through conscious leadership. Contact our Hosthttps://billionairesinboxers.biz/master-class-registrationwfmzdvl5 (Watch this FREE BiB Masterclass on how to make MONEY and grow your business, using podcasting. ) https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.biz (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/) Contact our guesthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nancyclairmontcarr (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancyclairmontcarr) http://www.thejoy-effect.com/ (http://www.thejoy-effect.com/) nancy@nancyclairmontcarr.com https://www.nancyclairmontcarr.com/schedule-appointment/ (Book your FREE Strategy call)
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Sales & Marketing - Completed it mate
Host Phil Pelucha is joined by two guests for today's episode. Award-winning Sales Coach, 'the sales innovator' Steve Brossman & Kendell Cook from the Prepared Group. With a golden nugget a minute, this podcast episode is all about sales & marketing and, more importantly, how you can turn your sales process from a weakness to a superpower. About our Guests.Steve is a true innovator in sales and marketing and his Blueprint Conversion System has been hailed as one of the real breakthroughs in selling, taking the stress out of professionals selling themselves. With over 20 years in TV and videos, his interviews are always lively and informative. Steve has some very impressive accolades: 9 Times Amazon Best-Selling Author in Marketing and Sales. Creator of the Blueprint Conversion System and Self-Selling Secrets. A former TV Show Host and Producer Steve has been named Video Marketing Influencer of the year. Spoken live to 65,000 Entrepreneurs and Professionals across 15 Countries. Earlier in Ken’s career, he worked in the traditional "marketing agency" world, selling services like website design, SEO, online ad management, etc. While their services were great at bringing more business to their clients, they only addressed a part of their needs. Ken realized that the traditional marketing agency model was broken, and set out to fix it, so his clients could attract, convert, and retain more business. Ken states that the Prepared Group focuses on a systematic approach to marketing, where they address eight key areas for each of their clients' businesses. Contact our Hosthttps://billionairesinboxers.biz/master-class-registrationwfmzdvl5 (Watch this FREE BiB Masterclass on how to make MONEY and grow your business, using podcasting. ) https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/) Contact our guestsSteve Brossman https://stevebrossman.com (Company Website) https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevebrossman/ (LinkedIn) https://www.facebook.com/stevebrossman/ (Facebook) https://stevebrossman.com/selfsell (Speak to Steve - Get in Contact) Ken Cook https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendellcook/ (LinkedIn) https://thepreparedgroup.com/ (The Prepared Group ) Email Ken
58 mins
Health, Wealth & a punch to the face.Master your agency sales processLeading from the front.
49 mins
This will change how you sleep - forever
In this episode, host Phil Pelucha is Joined by Chili sleep co-founder Tara Youngblod. Good quality sleep is vital for everyone to function at their optimum level. Study after study has found that a lack of sleep not only impedes your quality of life but also shortens your lifespan. After reading more than three hundred books and about two thousand articles, Tara realized that temperature-controlled sleep is essential for quality sleep. VLPO neurons or sleep-active neurons in the brain are a sleep switch triggered by temperature. Through her work with Chili Technology, Tara Youngblood focuses on mattress heating and cooling systems, incorporating patented “Chili Technology,” which improves the quality of your sleep. Tara’s own experience with sleep deprivation and a background in physics and scientific research influenced her passion for researching sleep. Youngblood’s work influences prominent politicians who play a significant role in society and sportsstars who make millions. One of the reasons that high-profile people may struggle with sleep is due to conventional ideas of hotels. Hotels typically do not sell customers the concept of quality sleep but focus on their experience while awake, which impedes sleep. Contact our guests https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-youngblood-88469514/ (Taras LinkedIn ) tara@t2products.com http://www.t2products.com/ (t2products.com) http://www.mychilipad.com/ (mychilipad.com) http://www.prosource-china.com/ (prosource-china.com) https://www.chilisleep.com/ (https://www.chilisleep.com/) Contact our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/)
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The No BS Coach
For most people in all fields of life, coaching is necessary to get them to the top of their industry. Some individuals can get there on their own, but in reality, this is a tiny fraction of the population.  In today's episode, host Phil Pelucha is joined by the NO B.S. Work Performance Coach, Paul Glover. Paul is an Executive Business Coach, keynote speaker, educator, author, and “recovering” lawyer. He works with individual leaders and leadership groups to accomplish higher levels of performance by assisting them to recognize and achieve their potential. Paul gained his knowledge from his 30 years of being a labour employment lawyer and his experience coping with adversity by overcoming the setback he inflicted on himself and his family. The lessons he learned have ultimately helped him to improve the standards of his mentorship. Paul is the author of Workquake, a book dedicated to those in the work environment who seek to survive and thrive in the knowledge economy. His message to those who hear him speak is: “We don’t succeed in spite of our losses, but because of them.”  Contact our guests https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulglovercoaching/ (Pauls LinkedIn profile ) paulglover@sbcglobal.net https://twitter.com/paulglovercoach (paulglovercoach) http://paulglovercoaching.com/ (http://paulglovercoaching.com/) Contact our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/)
56 mins
Raising daughters
We hear a lot about the benefits of empowering girls, and we want our daughters to be effective, influential leaders. Yet, we receive very little instruction on how to actually parent girls to that end. In today's episode, host Phil Pelucha talks to Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrician Dr. Tim Jordan about how to raise girls in this modern age. Dr. Tim provides practical, common-sense guidance to children, parents, and professionals throughout the world. He guides girls to become strong leaders and their best selves. Dr. Tim has enjoyed 30 years as a practicing counselor, presenting to parents in 18 different countries, and has taught parenting classes with his wife, Anne, for over 20 years. This summer marks their 30th year of hosting summer camps and weekend retreats for girls. Dr. Jordan counsels girls on issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, friendship issues, and finding their purpose. He has a blog and podcast called Raising Daughters. He is the author of 5 books, the latest being She Leads: A Practical Guide for Raising Girls Who Advocate, influence, and Lead. Contact our guests https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-jordan-md-79799120b/ (Tim Jordan LinkedIn) http://www.drtimjordan.com/ (drtimjordan.com  ) drtim@drtimjordan.com https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/raising-daughters/id1159034515 (Raising Daughters podcast ) Contact our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/)
47 mins
Feel GOOD investing your in your community
All businesses need to enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility so they can cultivate good relations and contribute to the benefit of the community at large. Improving their image is an added bonus. In this interview with host Phil Pelucha, Philip Webb talks about helping firms manage their Corporate Social Responsibility. Philip is the founder and CEO of Investors In Community, which is a digital platform enabling companies across the UK to donate, volunteer, and gift to charity and community initiatives to which they feel connected. It is now more important than ever to be doing everything we can to improve the world we live in for future generations; IIC provides the perfect opportunity to build a movement for good. Charities and Individuals can use his platform for free, meaning 100% of the money donated through this platform stays in the charity sector. Philip started his career working for IBM UK as a hardware specialist. He has since published 3 business books and is the legal custodian of the research from Stanford University of the SWOT analysis.   Contact our guests https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipwebbtam/ (Philip Webb LinkedIn) https://linktr.ee/iic (Link tree with all Links - get involved) Contact our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/)
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Recoding your subconscious mind
In this episode, your host Phil Pelucha is joined by Transformative coach Anna Berger. Anna is the CEO of Quantum Mind Academy. Anna’s goal for 2021 is to re-code 10,000 minds, working with high-performers to reprogram the subconscious mind. The Quantum Mind Academy has students on all continents. Through masterminds and programs they learn to create success in relationships, business, careers and health. Because nobody else teaches her method, Anna is a sought-after podcast guest in the US and UK, and recently featured on Mindvalley’s ‘Lifebook program.’ Anna started her first business aged 18 and sold it two years later for a profit. She was a VIP casino host until a high-roller told her to get into real estate if she wanted to be wealthy. Anna did just that and built a property development company from the ground up to 4500 house projects. In 2019 Anna was dragged underneath a bolting horse. In the four months while recovering from injuries, she needed to do something creative, so she became an author. Within months, her first book ‘Escape Your Matrix: How to Master the Game of Life’ achieved bestseller status in USA, Australia & Germany. Life gives you gifts wrapped in problems. It’s only when you solve the problem that you get the hidden reward. It’s something she now teaches to thousands of people every year around the globe as a subconscious mind communications and re-coding specialist and the CEO of Quantum Mind Academy. Anna teaches people how the subconscious mind works and why you need to understand it and re-code it. Contact our guests https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-c-berger/ (Connect with Anna of LinkedIn) https://bit.ly/3fXefUE (Take ANNAs 5 day challenge. ) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Escape-Your-Matrix-Master-Game-ebook/dp/B08MWZJYCW (Buy the book - Escape your Matrix ) Contact our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/)
49 mins
Strategic Alliance Live - With Tom Matzen
Today's episode is all about the POWER of https://gostrategic.ontraport.com/t?orid=7605&opid=7 (strategic alliances). You will have heard our host, https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (Phil Pelucha), talk about power partnerships over the years. In this episode, https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (Phil) is joined by https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommatzen/ (Tom Matzen), the Chief Movement Maker of the entrepreneur empowerment network.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommatzen/ (Tom) is hosting an event called https://gostrategic.ontraport.com/t?orid=7605&opid=7 (Strategic Alliance live), which is set to be the biggest deal-making event in the world. With attendees like https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (Phil Pelucha) and several of his partners, we are pleased to introduce this to our audience. "Check out the podcast and then get signed up, you won't regret it" - https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (Phil Pelucha) Frankly, we’re sick & tired of the “gurus” selling programs that don’t get you results. As an international best-selling author and seminar presenter, he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on 4 continents. He has been interviewed in Success Mag, Inc Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and literally 100's of radio & TV Stations across the globe. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries. Contact our guests https://gostrategic.ontraport.com/t?orid=7605&opid=11 (5-Day Influencer Brueprint Challenge) https://gostrategic.ontraport.com/t?orid=7605&opid=1 (JOIN THE EVENT.) https://enter.strategicalliancesummit.com/ref/KT57788289 (https://enter.strategicalliancesummit.com/ref/KT57788289) https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommatzen/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommatzen/) http://www.embarkmilliondollarauthority.com/ (embarkmilliondollarauthority.com) Contact our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/)
53 mins
Go direct with NewsDirect
In today's episode, host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (Phil Pelucha ) is joined by News Direct founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/greggcastano (Gregg Castano), News Direct was founded by https://www.linkedin.com/in/greggcastano (Gregg Castano), longtime president of Business Wire. With an insider’s understanding of media outreach and expertise in strategic planning and management, Gregg leveraged his unique perspective and insight to create a brand new, purpose-built platform for news distribution – http://newsdirect.com/ (News Direct). http://newsdirect.com/ (News Direct) is redefining the content and news distribution industry. And we’re doing it from the ground up. That’s because the News Direct platform was designed and built from the ground up – to reinvent content delivery, to re-engineer workflow, to revitalize metrics and ROI, and to bring security and pricing into the 21st century. http://newsdirect.com/ (News Direct) is purpose-built and client-focused. Dedicated to modern media outreach, and to the PR and IR professionals who need a platform to make them the best they can be. Contact our guests https://www.linkedin.com/in/greggcastano (https://www.linkedin.com/in/greggcastano) http://newsdirect.com/ (http://newsdirect.com/) gregg.castano@newsdirect.com https://www.facebook.com/NewsDirectCorp/ (https://www.facebook.com/NewsDirectCorp/) https://twitter.com/NewsDirectCorp (https://twitter.com/NewsDirectCorp) Contact our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/) http://billionairesinboxers.com/ (http://billionairesinboxers.com/) https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/ (https://billionairesinboxers.com/starter-package/)
45 mins