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Working Through An Ever Changing World Of Change Featuring Chris McDonell & Steve Taormino.
Working Through An Ever Changing World Of Change Featuring Chris McDonell & Steve Taormino.
Host, Stephen Taormino, meets with Chris McDonell, CEO of McDonell Consulting to discuss adapting to the inevitable changes in the business world. McDonell Consulting Group is a premier sales training, management development and consulting company. He is uniquely qualified to help all businesses, on local, regional and national levels, to identify and implement successful sales tactics from prospecting, to closing the sale & customer retention. Sales • Are you or your people working twice as hard for half the result? • Have you or your salespeople reverted to selling on price? • Are you doing too much unpaid consulting? • Do your prospects stall you with excuses? • Are your proposals being shopped all over town? • Is your sales cycle longer than you want it to be? • Does your prospect refuse to make a decision? Management and Leadership • Does it seem like leadership, sales, and customer service all work for different companies? • Do your managers know how to be true leaders? • Do your super-stud hires turn out to be super-duds? • Are you tired of wondering why your people wont work to their maximum potential? Strategic Customer Care/ Customer Service • Do your customer service people fail to recognize buying signals? • Are you frustrated with lack of communication with the other departments? • Do you wish they could up-sell and cross-sell? • Are they truly effective at diffusing difficult situations? Specialties: Organizational Reform (Wholesale and Retail Platforms), Public Speaker, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Employee Recruitment, Benchmarking, Employee Assessments, Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Team Building, Executive Coaching, Business Development Training For Professional Services, Seminars.