Ep24 - Highlights 2: A look back at season one.

Blue Door Podcast

30-06-2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

As season one of the podcast draws to a close, we’ve been looking back at some of the highlights from the interviews and discussions we have had over the past six months.

In a super-sized episode we have timecodes and topics listed below for those that want to jump around the episode:

  1. Strategic partnerships [00:02:03]
  2. The return to the office [00:12:43]
  3. The Goal of Net Zero [00:22:00]
  4. Smart City Reality [00:31:22]
  5. Cyber Security [00:42:29]
  6. Women in Tech [00:52:23]

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More detail about this episode:

00:02:03: Back in Episode 4, we considered the value of strategic partnerships - when our CEO Mark Evans met up with Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonald’s UK and Ireland. Mark asked Paul what these past months have been like for McDonalds.

00:12:43: In Episode 6, we discussed the workplace of the future with my colleague Chris Early, Estates and Development Manager at Telefónica. I asked Chris what he thought were the key areas that every business should be considering as many of us start to return to the office.

00:22:00: In Episode 10 I discussed Climate Change, and the goal of Net Zero. I started by asking Tracey Herald, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at O2, what Nert Zero actually means.

00:31:22: In Episode 12 we turned our attention to Smart Cities - and eavesdropped onto a panel discussion from Blue Door Expo in October 2020. The panel included:

  • Robert Franks, Managing Director of West Midlands 5G
  • Steve Rose, Executive Partner at Bell Labs Consulting
  • Alastair McMahon, Commercial Director – Smart Cities, Health and Mobility at O2
  • Laila Takeh, Digital Strategy and Innovation Senior Manager at 5prinG.

00:42:29: For Episode 14, we turned our attention to Cyber Security - and joined another panel discussion from Blue Door Expo.

This time our panel included:

  • Phil Donnelly, Detective Chief Inspector, Derbyshire Police
  • Nick Dawson, Global Head of B2B Solutions, Samsung
  • Marcel Van Der Heijden, Lead Partner Deep Tech, Speed Invest
  • Patricia Nicola, Head of Venture Development and Partnerships, Wayra

00:52:23: In Episode 22, we focused on Women in Tech. I was delighted to meet up with Jo Wimble-Groves a couple of weeks ago. As well as being the co-founder of Active Digital, she’s also a Mum, blogger, supporter of women in leadership and technology, and focused on helping young girls get involved in a STEM syllabus.

I asked Jo about how Active Digital was planning to adapt their working culture now that many are starting to return to the office.

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