Ep15 - Data driven insights - finding the algorithm within: with Sainsbury's, Experian, Highways England and AEG.

Blue Door Podcast

28-04-2021 • 47 mins

This week we look at the topic of data. We consider what the right tools like, what true data driven insight can achieve, and the opportunity for individuals to understand the real value of their data.

It is expected that every human on the planet will be creating approximately 1.7Mb of information .... every second. And with new low powered networks and IoT devices, that information will continue to grow. But just like the kitchen draw that collects un-connected "things" how do you ensure you're connecting the right data sets to tell a story that helps you define strategic and tactical actions?

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This week's guests:

David Jones, Senior VP of IT at AEG

Chaminga Chandratillake, Chief Analytics Officer at Sainsbury’s

Louise Maynard-Atem, Innovation Specialist, Data Exchange at Experian

Davin Crowley-Sweet, Chief Data Officer at Highways England


Dave Cornwell, Head of Solutions, O2 Business