Ep19 - The Future of Work: Technology, supporting the employee experience

Blue Door Podcast

26-05-2021 • 40 mins

This week we focus on the third of our 3 whitepaper topics: technology. Specifically we look at the needs of the workforce and how simple steps can be taken to support the employee experience.

  • What tasks will we be using our virtual AI assistants to complete?
  • What will be the impact of ‘bot bosses’ as they start to displace middle management?
  • How do you manage and plan for the up-skill and re-skill needs for new types of job roles that are emerging?
  • What is the effect technology and Digital Talent will have on the green economy and a company’s sustainability credentials?

To discuss these, and more, we welcome back Dave Cornwell, Head of Solutions at O2.

This week's guest:

David Cornwell - Head of Solutions at O2 Business.

Want more?

Three core areas to enable a dynamic workforce:

  • People: Freedom, flexibility and fulfilment: Re-imaging work in the age of the dynamic workforce
  • Places: Talent, tools and space: New workplace strategies for a dynamic working world
  • Technology: AI, automation and collaboration: Why tomorrow’s talent is human + digital

Our market research on The Future of Work:

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