Ep14 - Cyber-security: Protection at what cost? With Derbyshire Police, Samsung, Speed Invest, Wayra

Blue Door Podcast

21-04-2021 • 37 mins

This week we focus on the human aspect of cyber security.

It’s a topic that demands a careful balance - ensuring there is protection of an organisation’s data, people and things whilst minimising the impact to employees, customers and citizens who just want to be able to do what they need to do.

We listen to an expert panel from a Blue Door panel discussion held in October 2020. During it we discuss the key aspects of designing and developing a cyber-security approach that keeps people at its centre.

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This week's guests:

Phil Donnelly, Detective Chief Inspector, Derbyshire Police

Nick Dawson, Global Head of B2B Solutions, Samsung

Marcel van der Heijden, Lead Partner Deep Tech, Speedinvest

Patricia Nicola, Head of Venture Development and Partnerships, Wayra

This week's discussion facilitated by:

Jim Everett, UK Digital Infrastructure Specialist (Connectivity and Cyber Security), O2 Business