Ep20 - Evolving your workplace culture

Blue Door Podcast

02-06-2021 • 40 mins

This week we focus on workplace culture. Culture is what's being done, and what's reinforced by that visible aspect of what's acceptable. It overwrites the intent in policies, and it's what gives a workplace and workforce it's essence, character or structure – whether that's about encouraging people to be creative, rewarding trying new things, learning and evolving, or a culture that is numbers focused and encouraging a competitive nature.

So at a time when public and private sector organisations are wondering how to redefine their workforce we look at culture in more depth, and what it takes to find the right balance for your organisation.

This week's guests:

Janine Chamberlin, Director, Enterprise Sales Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

Jon Conn, technology Director at RFU

Paul Jacquin, Partner, Board Member and Advisor, Taptrove Ventures and Randstad Innovation

Catherine Leaver, Human Resources Director at O2

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