Daily blog (audio): Watch one, do one, teach one? [Could you?]

The Daily RISE

19-03-2021 • 2 mins

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Apparently when you’re learning to be a medical professional (doctor, nurse, etc), this is a common teaching approach.

Watch one, do one, teach one.

Or “See one…..”


I say apparently, because I’ve never learnt to be a MedPro (as they’ve never been called before).

———— Although this has just reminded me of this video of my (now) middle son from a few years ago that might amuse you –> www.facebook.com/joncwhall/videos/10152281876535219) ———–

If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s pretty self explanatory.

You watch someone do a procedure, you do it yourself, you teach someone else how to do it.

The “one” is, of course, flexible.

I hope no one is performing open heart surgery having just watched someone else do it once 😉

It’s more the concept of observing then doing then teaching.

Because there’s an extra level of understanding needed for, and learned by, teaching.

If you can teach someone something you have to have a pretty good understanding of it.

So, try it.

Teach someone.

Or, at least, imagine you are.

What would you say to someone if you were teaching them how to “eat healthily”.

Or “to exercise regularly”.

Or to “look after their body”.

If you don’t feel you could teach someone (and I don’t just mean tell them a few basics)……….

Then there’s probably a level of understanding you could still develop.

To benefit you.

It might highlight something you’re not 100% clear on?

Something you kinda thought you were “good” with but, when it comes to fully verbalising it, you realise you’re not completely there?

Realising that is powerful.

Getting clear on what we’re not sure about………….

What we’re a little unclear on………..

What we’ve heard conflicting advice about………..

Why we’re struggling to do what we feel we should (perhaps, in part, because what we’re telling ourselves we “need to do”, isn’t actually what we need to do)………….

Will make the doing of it it that little bit easier.

Don’t feel you could “teach one” just yet?

Let us know and we’ll get you to the point where you could 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘SUDOKU’ Hall