Is Parliament a decaying organism? Lord Lisvane on our crumbling constitution

Parliament Matters

22-12-2023 • 43 mins

The crumbling state of the Palace of Westminster is a living metaphor for the wider constitutional decay that has taken hold in the UK, as the quality of our governance has nosedived in recent years.

In this special interview, Lord Lisvane – crossbench Peer and former Clerk of the House of Commons – discusses his worries about the state of the constitution and explains why he thinks the House of Commons has virtually resigned from the legislative process.

He sets out what changes are needed, why a written constitution is not the answer, and why a lot of brownie points could be won by a Prime Minister keen to fix his reputation for future years. And with an eye on the Rwanda Bill Lord Lisvane explains what the term “parliamentary sovereignty” means.

Parliament Matters is a Hansard Society production supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust • Produced by Luke Boga Mitchell, Hansard Society

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