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Womenpreneur Asia is a show for women entrepreneurs in Asia to share what they know with other women who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

It's about the gritty yet inspiring stories, the little-known struggles and the much-talked about sweet success of being an Asian woman in business across Asia.

Womenpreneur Asia is created and hosted by Krista Goon who is a Malaysian entrepreneur, author and marketer. All episodes are sponsored by Redbox Studio.

Jocelyn Pantastico, Co-Founder & CEO of Olivia Technology Group, The Philippines
Today’s episode is with Jocelyn Pantastico who is the Co-founder & CEO of Olivia Technology Group based in The Phillippines. Jocs as she is more fondly known has spent most of her life in the corporate world, with many of those years as an expat in Indonesia. In 2018, she returned to The Philippines to start her tech startup, Olivia, a milestone she is most proud of.  Her software frees companies from tedious manual data capture so that they can focus on real work. Olivia processes receipts and invoices, translating them into reports and digital assets in seconds.  But it really isn’t about the receipts as we get deeper into this interview. While today's episode is about software that keeps your money in check, it is also about the bigger concept of wealth, money management and investing.  We spoke about how her world now is distinctly different from her corporate days. She talks about the startup lessons she learned as she built her startup and how she had to change the ways she thought about putting products out into the market.  She also talks about how her software is creating more value for accountants rather than taking away their jobs. And in that process, she uncovered the reason people were leaving accountancy firms.  We also discussed why women don’t talk about money as openly as men going back into her own past and her realization that she needed to be open about money with her daughter. She revealed some really smart strategies for teaching her daughter how to invest, ultimately giving her a headstart with money and how that has transformed her own daughter’s relationship with money and wealth.  This episode is brought to you by Redbox Studio. For more information about Jocelyn, visit: https://womenpreneurasia.com/podcast-season-04/ Please subscribe if you've enjoyed this podcast. Thank you.
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Evi Mariani, ​​Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Multatuli, Indonesia
Today’s episode is with Evi Mariani, ​​Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Multatuli based in Indonesia. Evi was the former managing editor at The Jakarta Post. Her collaborative projects won the 2020 Public Service Journalism Award from the Society of Publishers in Asia and the 2020 Tasrif Award from the AJI.  Evi and 3 other fellow journalists started Project Multatuli, a media organisation dedicated to carrying out the ideals of public journalism by giving a voice to the voiceless, spotlighting the marginalized, and reporting on the underreported. Multatuli comes from Latin meaning “I have suffered much.” In this episode, we talk about how a crisis led Evi to start something that truly spoke to her heart - social justice. She said she was never raised to be political - all she wanted was to travel and see the world as a journalist. As an Indonesian Chinese with a Catholic upbringing, social journalism wasn’t the path she was supposed to take. However, her first taste of political activism began in earnest when she entered Gajah Mada University which opened her eyes to diversity, pluralism, gender equality and so much more.  Evi started her media organization during the pandemic which also pushed her to return to her Chinese business roots so to speak. She had to figure out the best model for her media business because she didn’t care much for the advertising model that most media defaulted to.  As the only woman among the 4 founders of Project Multatuli, she is known as Ibu Dir. Evi is a woman who called herself an underachiever but today, she is the one who is pushing for greater change through the medium she knows best.  Today’s conversation is a little deeper and more thoughtful but I know that Evi and Project Multatuli are exactly what we need to change the game.  For links and other info, go to womenpreneurasia.com Take our survey and tell us how you like our podcast: tinyurl.com/asianpodcast
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Michelle Hon, Founder of MomBoss Academy, Singapore
Today’s episode is with Michelle Hon who is the founder of MomBoss Academy based in Singapore. Most of my podcast guests are fun but Michelle is another level of fun.  We talked about the concept of false beliefs about working hard and how income is tied to effort or is it? We spoke about being paid for results, not the 100 things that we do. It’s about the 80 20 principle.  Michelle learnt this when she had to recover from dengue. At the same time, she was also pregnant. She worked fewer hours than before and yet, her revenue grew bigger than the years before. It flipped all the beliefs about working and hustling hard.  For Michelle, it’s about the effort that gets people to results and that is not always tied to how hard you work. Beliefs impact actions. And when you change your actions, you change your outcomes.  We also went back into Michelle’s past as a child when she was given a book called Mind Over Matter for a birthday party that didn’t happen. You have to listen to that part of the story that involved a difficult childhood and growing up having very little money.  We talked about how Michelle’s tough childhood actually helped her get to who she is today. I love her strength when she said "If I start something new and it doesn’t work out what do I have to lose? I just go back to square one and that’s not too bad."  You’ll love today’s episode. Let’s get into it!  For more interesting information, visit: https://womenpreneurasia.com/podcast-season-04/ Follow Womenpreneur Asia for more fun conversations with Asian women entrepreneurs across Asia (and sometimes beyond): https://www.instagram.com/womenpreneurasia/
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