Yuka Imanishi, Founder & CEO of CURIO Japan Inc.

Womenpreneur Asia

01-10-2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

Welcome to Season 3! We kick off our third season with Yuka Imanishi who is the founder and CEO of CURIO Japan Inc.

Yuka's business started as a B2C business and soon after, became also a B2B business and now she even has a third business due to the pandemic!

Due to her innate curiosity for the world at large, her business is all about fostering intercultural relations between international students with the local Japanese.

It started with a simple premise - tutoring services. Later, she also saw a need to help international students who graduated and wanted to stay in Japan to look for work. This became another business.

Because of the pandemic, her first two businesses almost came to a standstill and she had to quickly find a way to still keep her Japanese customers connected to her international students.

Thus began the online intercultural sessions, tapping again into the resources she had built up over the years!

For more about Yuka (and her background before she became an entrepreneur), get the full article at womenpreneurasia.com

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