Chalita Hongsakul, Managing Director of Wakingbee Corporation, Thailand

Womenpreneur Asia

11-11-2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

This episode is about Thai entrepreneur, Chalita Hongsakul.

Chalita is the Managing Director of Wakingbee Corporation based in Bangkok, Thailand.

She doesn’t call herself a fitness freak but came to start a fitness and activewear clothing brand after quitting as a management consultant.

It was a desire to get healthy that put her on the entrepreneurial track. While trying to get to the gym, she realised all the available brands she looked at didn’t quite fit her need for something fun, feminine and active. That's how Wakingbee was born!

In this episode:

  • What she was more concerned about and it wasn’t failure
  • What surprised her the most about approaching manufacturers for her line of activewear
  • How she went from consultant to an entrepreneur all because she couldn’t find the right activewear for herself
  • What she does to keep her brand fresh and exciting even after 6 years in the Thai market
  • What she found most intriguing when she started her business and it had nothing to do with numbers or KPIs
  • How she convinced manufacturers to work with them despite having no track record in the clothing industry

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