FOW4: Dr Nicholas Haan - Upskilling the C-Suite to drive corporate innovation

The Future of Work

08-04-2019 • 35 mins

Host Graham Brown met with Dr. Nicholas Haan for the SIM podcast at the sidelines of Singularity conference in Singapore held by SIM. Dr. Haan is the Vice President of Impact and Faculty Chair of Global Grand Challenges as well Managing Director, Global Solutions Program at the Singularity University in California, USA. Over the 40 mins conversation, Nicholas (Nick) shares with us his journey from being an aspiring doctor to actually becoming a teacher in Africa, as well as his past work with United Nations and then onto the current assignment with Singularity University. Given his wealth of knowledge in the area of food sustainability he talks about the changes taking place in the farm & food industry and the role technology is poised to play in the area of food sustainability. Nick gives his views on the importance of driving the culture of corporate innovation within organizations and how Singularity University tries to make a difference in building this culture. Listen to the entire episode to know more in depth.

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