FOW15: Agility Mindset and Transformational Thinking: Keys to survive in unprecedented times

The Future of Work

22-06-2020 • 1 hr

Organisations are finding it tougher to survive, much less succeed. When faced with expected and unexpected disruptions, people can be your greatest solution, ally and asset or be the reason for your demise and failure. Knowing how to tap on your people (yourself included) and getting the best out of them, so that they can RESPOND effectively, is the single greatest challenge faced by many businesses. Join Dr Kevyn Yong, Chief Learning Officer, SIM and his special guests, Kevin Fitzgerald, Managing Director – Asia, Xero and Dr. Jovina Ang (Managing Director, Communicatio), as they share actionable strategies of leadership communication in managing change and transformation and creating agile teams. The session is hosted by Graham Brown, CEO & Founder, Pikkal & Co - B2B Podcast Agency. Listen to the podcast to discover the conversations with leaders from across the region to discuss the forces, opportunities and challenges that are shaping the Future of Work.