FOW1: Nell Watson - Evolution of AI and where it is leading us

The Future of Work

25-02-2019 • 52 mins

Nell Watson, Founder of QuantaCorp (Poikos) and who describes herself as a Machine Learning & Tech philosopher, joins host Graham Brown in conversation about Artificial Intelligence. AI is one of the hottest topics today and there are some burning questions that are often asked about the subject, like how is it going to affect businesses, or what will be it's impact on society and us humans in general. There are endless debates raging about AI and ethics. Over the next 50 mins, Nell and Graham delve into the fascinating world of AI to understand Nell's perspective on these questions. Nell shines light on her journey in the field of AI and the changes in this field that she has witnessed over this period. She not only gives us her history, but also takes us through the history of AI as well. She talks about few sample problems she believes AI has solved or where it has vastly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. We also get to know the relation between AI and human learning and her answer to the all important question of whether AI can one day replace humans. A must listen podcast, especially for AI & Data Analytics enthusiasts, with scores of interesting anecdotes to explain some of the more complex issues of AI in a very simple manner.

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