This podcast is an extension of the on-stage talk series Brillo Vox, which has established itself as a gravity point between academia, institutions and galleries. We are now continuing the journey with Super Vox, a podcast that presents the most inspiring names in art and culture. Our host, Astrid Birnbaum, is a Stockholm-based editor who has always wanted to surround herself with art, music and vivid personalities.

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Meeting Thomas Girst
Meeting Thomas Girst
‘I always said that NFT stands for neoliberal futile trash’ In this episode, we delve into the profound influence of the visual arts, featuring Thomas Girst, the Global Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group. Thomas Girst is an important figure in the world of arts and culture. Recently, Supervox had the pleasure of hosting Thomas Girst in Stockholm recording this episode as well as having a live conversation on stage at this year’s edition of Market Art Fair.  His involvement with BMW's cultural engagement initiatives has been instrumental in fostering meaningful collaborations between the automotive industry and the art world. During our conversation, Girst shared his insights on the groundbreaking work of artist Marcel Duchamp, who he also called his ‘leader’ in life. We spoke about the BMW Art Cars and about what the future of movement and art looks like. Thomas Girst has been the head of cultural engagement at the BMW Group since 2003. He shares hisextensive knowledge and expertise by lecturing at renowned institutions such as Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, and the Academy of Applied Sciences in Zurich. Notable among his contributions is the curation of the exhibition "Marcel Duchamp in Munich 1912" in 2012, where he also served as a co-editor for the accompanying catalogue. Some of his recent publications include "The Indefinite Duchamp" (2013), "BMW Art Cars" (2013), "The Duchamp Dictionary" (2014), and "Art, Literature, and the Japanese American Internment Experience" (2014).