Meeting Cajsa von Zeipel


22-10-2023 • 43 mins

“When I started making sculptures I always kissed them goodbye when they were about to
leave the studio”
We're thrilled to have hosted artist Cajsa Von Zeipel as a guest on SuperVox. Von Zeipel is a
visionary artist renowned for her sculptures and installations, seamlessly fusing classical and
contemporary art elements. Her work delves into profound themes like identity, gender, and
societal conventions. In this episode, we had the privilege of engaging in a conversation about the
characters inhabiting Von Zeipel's sculptures, her intricate creative process, and her enriching
experiences at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, among many other topics.
Von Zeipel's artistic creations have graced prestigious galleries and museums across the globe. We're
honored to have shared this dialogue with her.