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Will Spencer | The Renaissance of Men

Something is happening in the world of men: a global awakening, a time of rediscovery, a rebirth. Men around the world are drawing on the best of masculinity from all of time to redefine what it means to be a man, on their terms. The Renaissance of Men explores this global phenomenon, the men making it happen, the men benefiting from it, and how all men can transform themselves by participating in this unique historical moment. read less


WILL LEIGHTON | Discipling Our Daughters
WILL LEIGHTON | Discipling Our Daughters
Will Leighton is a Christian husband and father who talks faith, freedom, family, and finances on his popular Instagram accounts Uncage the Lion and The Will Leighton. Topics: The Meaning of "Uncage the Lion"The Slow Failure of the Modern ChurchHis Most Controversial Post EverThe Definition of PropagandaHow Feminism Damages WomenModern Evangelical CoddlingSpeaking To Your Husband With RespectA Brief Explanation of Head Coverings LIVE PANEL! BIBLICAL FATHERHOOD Monday, January 29 - 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST "Wild at Heart" - John Eldredge Uncage the Lion Headcoverings Highlight Uncage the Lion "Scorned Daughters" Post "Man of the House" - CR Wiley Family Worship Bible Guide "Disciplines of a Godly Man" - R. Kent Hughes Phil Kaiser - Bnonn Tennant "Head Coverings" CONNECT WITH WILL THE RENAISSANCE MENTORSHIP SEAN O'BRIEN TRAINING NEW! "RIGHTEOUS" REN OF MEN TEE SPONSOR Use code SUBFREE for one free 12oz. bag with subscription LINKS