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On a mission to raise awareness and support those living with arthritis and autoimmune disease by sharing the realities of living with chronic illness. Brought to you by Award-Winning Arthritis and Psoriasis Patient Advocate, Writer and Ambassador, Joel Nelson. He is sharing his story of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis to start conversations and change attitudes.
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Episode 10 - Has Covid Changed Our Care?
Episode 10 - Has Covid Changed Our Care?
Has the Covid pandemic impacted the care we receive for our arthritis or chronic illness? In this 'round table' chat, full of insight, lived experience and heartbreak, we discuss the experiences of Jacyln, Safia and Ashleigh to understand how their 'normal' care has changed over the last two years. From lifelong conditions to the recently diagnosed, we take a sample of stories from across the country to get a snapshot of how treatments and appointments may have been impacted, what shielding was like and how Covid-19 has changed the perception of chronic illness and disability. You can also contribute to this episode by completing a survey HERE to share your experiences during the pandemic. As discussed in the show, we will be using this data to start honest conversations with decision-makers, so your voice makes a difference! SHOW NOTES The Pandemic and your Care Survey Jaclyn Fielden on Instagram (@jaclynleefielden) Safia Awil on Instagram (@snapkrackleandpop) Ashleigh Clarke on Instagram (@ashleighclarke2112) If you've enjoyed this podcast, please don't forget to subscribe on whatever platform you are listening to this on, leave a review and send me your comments and feedback via email. It helps massively and allows me to improve future content and episodes. Follow me on social media for daily news and awareness stories. Get in touch with me at: Twitter: @joelvsarthritis Facebook: facebook.com/joelvsarthritis Instagram: @joelvsarthritis Twitch: /joelvsarthritis Website: https://joelvsarthritis.co.uk Facebook private support groups: Arthritis and Autoimmune Support Group & Chronic Pain Club. Quick Reference Links (Linktree) THE PAIN COMPANY The Pain Company was created to raise awareness of chronic pain and illness. To give a voice to the millions living with daily, relentless pain. Shop here.
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