Ep 67: An Apple Podcast Update MADE for Lazy Girls

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: Podcasting Tips for How to Start and Run a Podcast

01-02-2024 • 9 mins

Let's discuss an exciting announcement from Apple Podcasts - the introduction of automatically generated transcripts!

This feature is a lazy girl's dream, given that Apple Podcasts will provide you with AI automatically generated transcripts on your episodes for free.

Not only does this new feature make podcast content more accessible, but it also helps you as a podcaster to effortlessly widen your audience reach.

But what does this mean for those who are already paying for transcriptions? How and where can these transcriptions be downloaded? And how can you leverage this feature for generating show notes? Tune in to get all your questions answered and more! Plus, join me for my take on this new feature, as well as podcasting tips to figure out if this feature will suit your workflow or not.

Enjoy the episode!


Apple Podcasts article: https://podcasters.apple.com/support/5316-transcripts-on-apple-podcasts


  • Introduction of automatic transcripts in Apple Podcasts
  • Accessibility of podcasts for everyone
  • Accessing transcripts from the episode details page
  • Functions of the transcripts: reading the full text, searching for specific words or phrases, playing from a specific point in the episode
  • Availability of transcripts shortly after publishing
  • Downloading transcripts for use on other platforms
  • Availability of the feature on iOS 17.4 and higher
  • Languages currently supported: English, French, German, and Spanish

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