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Setlist brings listeners through the music industry from the business side. Educational and enlightening, Setlist merges music business news with analysis. This podcast aims to take a look at the biggest and most interesting news stories of the past week. Sometimes, it covers the most bizarre and unique stories, too.

Andy Malt and Chris Cooke team up as hosts to discuss compelling music business news. They also provide an in-depth analysis of what it all means and how it impacts the business as a whole. That said, this podcast is anything but a musical news recap. This show intends to take listeners through the business side of the industry. That means it explores research, trends, media, and more to give listeners an educational report. Malt and Cooke explore the details of the music streaming market. They discuss the mechanics of the boy band BTS's big break. They even chat about TikTok and its influence on the music industry. The topic centers on one thing—the music industry as a business.

The hosts bring in their own expertise and often invite special guests to share theirs, too. This creates a fast-paced and informative dynamic. The hosts' personalities mesh perfectly, creating an easy-to-listen-to experience. Though the podcast packs in useful information, it's fun to listen to, too. New episodes of this podcast drop every week, and segments run from 30 to 40 minutes. Listeners can hear Setlist podcast episodes on Amazon Music now.

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Spotify insists royalty changes will help emerging artists
Spotify insists royalty changes will help emerging artists
On this week's show we've got a big round-up of Spotify news, in particular the company's confirmation of changes to the way it pays out (or doesn't pay out) royalties. We also discuss plans for an MSG Sphere venue like the one recently opened in Las Vegas being bounced out of London. Oh, and we've spruced up the format of the show a little, including the introduction of a news in brief section to bring you even more music industry news. SECTION TIMES 01: Spotify (00:03:30) 02: News in brief (00:16:37) 03: MSG Sphere (00:20:35) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Spotify confirms changes to its payment process - including the 1000 plays a year threshold • Specifics of Spotify’s deal with Google on in-app payments revealed in Epic court case • Spotify says it will exit Uruguay next year because of new performer ER right in copyright law • London mayor blocks MSG’s grand plan to build a Sphere venue next to the Olympic Park NEWS IN BRIEF • BMI confirms deal to sell to New Mountain Capital • US Senate committee subpoenas Live Nation to access documents for its investigation into “abusive consumer practices” • Council Of Music Makers criticises lack of music-maker representation at government roundtable on AI and the creative industries • Shakira strikes deal with Spanish prosecutors to avoid €14.5m tax fraud trial • LadBaby bow out of Christmas number one race ALSO MENTIONED • Monkey Week • O. - ATM
FAC steps up its campaign against music venue merch commissions
FAC steps up its campaign against music venue merch commissions
CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review key events in music and the music business from the last week, including the stepping up of the Featured Artists Coalition’s 100% Venues campaign, which encourages music venues to allow artists to sell merchandise at their shows without being charged any commission on sales, and the new legal challenge to the UK government’s festival drug testing policy.  Apologies for the sound issues in this episode. As you’ll hear, we have a new recording set up. After some great sounding test recordings, one of us (see if you can guess who) managed to record through their laptop mic instead of their studio mic.  SECTION TIMES 01: 100% Venues (00:09:42) 02: Drug testing policy (00:20:08) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) STORIES DISCUSSED THIS WEEK • FAC steps up its 100% Venues campaign against merch commissions • NTIA seeks judicial review on government’s “reckless” festival drug testing policy ALSO MENTIONED • UK Music sets out proposals for AI regulation in letter to government • Sarah Silverman joins authors in suing ChatGPT for copyright infringement • Universal Music calls for federal publicity right and more transparency in latest AI hearing in US Congress • FXR and CMU put the spotlight on music royalty reporting – provide your input now • 100% Venues petition ( MORE FROM CMU • Upcoming CMU webinars • Buy MMF and CMU Insights’ Dissecting The Digital Dollar book on Amazon • Sign up to receive the CMU Daily news bulletin • Listen to the full Setlist theme tune