FIXABLE: Uber, and how to fix things when trust is broken

Leading Up With Udemy

13-12-2023 • 37 mins

While we prepare new episodes for 2024, we’re sharing an episode from our friends at Fixable, a TED podcast hosted by leadership coaches Anne Morriss and Frances Frei, who dive into their area of expertise: trust. Frances recounts the time when she was brought in to help Uber fix their huge trust breakdown. Using Uber as a case study, they explain the three pillars of trust – authenticity, empathy, and logic – and actionable solutions to strengthen each leg when they’re on shaky ground.  Season 5 of Leading Up With Udemy returns on Wednesday, January 10th. Learn more about Udemy Business at The best takeaways from the first three seasons of the Leading Up podcast are now an e-book! Taking the Lead: Skills for Leaders in a Changing World is a collection of anecdotes and advice from some of the most successful leaders in the business world and academia. Get the e-book at