Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 54: Who Is Caleb Dume? Depa Billaba And Bad Batch Continuity (Kanan #1-6, The Last Padawan)

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08-05-2021 • 54 mins

This week, Mike tackles the comic starring Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels, detailing how he survived order 66, why he changed his name, what happened to his master Depa Billaba and the differences between the event shown in this 2015 comic and in the first episode of the Bad Batch show! Plus hear how far clones will go to complete order 66 and Mike reads out the warning message Obi-Wan sets up to warn Jedi of order 66 (as seen in Revenge Of The Sith)!

These 6 comics take place around 19BBY, with the prologue set at 4BBY. All issues were written by Greg Weisman, with Pepe Larraz as the artist on issues 1-5 and Jacopo Camagni as artist on issue 6, with David Curiel as colour artist for all 6 issues.

Issue 1 was released April 2015, issue 6 was released September 2015, the trade paperback collection was released November 2015 and the hardcover (collecting issues 1-12) was released December 2016.

For more info on Kanan & Hera Syndulla, read John Jackson Miller’s book, A New Dawn and be sure to watch all four seasons of Star Wars Rebels!

Make sure you check the feed of Comics In Motion for the upcoming show about the first two episodes of the Bad Batch!

The last week on SWCIC, episode 53, Mike tackled the ominous arc Hope Dies, starting in the 50th issue of the main Star Wars run! As well as tackling this dark story-arc with the usual gang of the original trilogy, this episode features a lot of space battles, numerous recognisable characters from A New Hope getting killed, details of Vader’s Star Destroyer; The Executor, and so much more!

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