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22-03-2021 • 59 mins

Loved chatting with Kathryn Woods for Episode 45; she plays in Fresh, ME REX & Cheerbleederz, three amazing bands that I consider super important to the current UK DIY Punk scene. Fresh have just recently released an absolute RAGER of a track called 'Girl Clout' so make sure you check that out!!!

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We talk about marketing, social media, staying positive, using your platform to speak out, her passion for the punk scene, playing in three bands and a whooooole bunch more. Honestly great conversation that touches on really important topics. I loved having the chance to chat with Kathryn, found it incredibly encouraging and made me want to play music with friends. Can't wait to watch all three bands once stuff gets back to normal. Bring on the gigs!

Check out the new Fresh single Girl Clout  -

Check Out -
Fresh : https://freshpunks.bandcamp.com
ME REX : https://merex.bandcamp.com
Cheerbleederz : https://cheerbleederz.bandcamp.com

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