I Paid $1300 To Have A Stranger Stay At My House For A Week + Hired A Scientist With No Experience To Teach Martial Arts [Stephen Venter + Jake Marconi Ep. 18]

Black Belt Business

14-07-2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

I ignored the warnings and took a big risk! I paid $1300 to have a stranger I never met stay at my house for a week.

In this episode, I chat with Stephen Venter & Jake Marconi and tell their stories.

These 2 guys have vastly different backgrounds.

Stephen is a nationally ranked martial arts competitor in South Africa, and Jake is a scientist in a lab who has NEVER trained in martial arts before.

We put them through INTENSE ALL DAY training for 1 week to see if they had what it takes.

Together, they will run a new martial arts school location.

Listen to this episode to discover how it all came together, and how you can do something similar for your business.


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