90: 20 Must Haves For Growth in 2020 - Part 2

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30-01-2020 • 40 mins

In this episode, Tim and Randy will do part two of their four part series about the 20 aspects of business that every gym owner must have to grow their business in 2020. They will cover five more aspects which will be number six to ten in the list. The first one will be a staffing plan which is mainly made up of job descriptions and performance reviews. With properly laid out job descriptions, things can run more smoothly in a gym without the owner micromanaging everything because they can be able to hold their staff accountable at all times.

A gym owner being strategic in their client experience is the next crucial step for them to take. To the market, every gym seems to offer the same thing as every other gym, and the only way a gym can differentiate itself to keep its clients and win more, is through their client experience. The first thing a gym owner must do when developing their strategy is to look at their gym from a potential client’s point of view so they can figure out what to improve on.

Another must have is culture. It comes from a gym’s client experience and brand promise, but it’s not something that a gym owner can just buy off the shelf, and it's really interesting how it works. It’s simply put, all about building a tribe of people that loyally believe in a gym, who they are as a business, and what they do. It’s a tough thing to build, but the first thing would be for a gym owner to treat every client like they’re their best client. Tim and Randy will expound more on that and share the other two aspects so that you can start implementing them all in your gym today, and start to see a big explosion in additional revenue in 2020. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  • The ability to delegate is dependent on whether every staff member knows their responsibilities (04:03)
  • Your staff wants to do well, they don’t like screwing up (05:50)
  • Switching your vision into what the client will see (09:06)
  • Secret shopping your own business and how everybody has the ability to make or break your business (10:23)
  • The people that spend money with you are a great source for how to increase the effectiveness of your client experience (13:14)
  • How to build a tribe and culture that will build your business (18:14)
  • The greatest chance for survival in the industry and the value of having multiple profit centers (23:36)
  • Having an ascension ladder (a value ladder) in your gym business (29:59)
  • You don't need another certification, you need to learn how to run and operate a business profitably (35:58)

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