#6 Alex Marsh | Klarna

What School Did You Go To?

02-05-2023 • 41 mins

In his second year at Cambridge, Alex Marsh went off the rails. Having holed up in the library for the whole of his first year, Alex had put his mental health second to his obsession to excel at all costs.

Since then, Alex has taken the FinTech world by storm - first at Close Brothers and now as the UK Head of Klarna and founder of Charterpath. In this episode, I chat to Alex about how striving for success can lead to a life that’s lacking contentment, the regulation of Buy Now Pay Later schemes and the effect on the consumer, and how the things that make us comfortable (like having red hair or being state educated) can become our greatest superpower.

If you’re a type A personality who doesn’t give yourself a break (like me), you’re going to want to listen to this one!